About LBS


LittleBigSouls is an international not-for-profit organization incorporated in Ghana, Nigeria and the UK. With an African wide focus and mission, LittleBigSouls is committed to advocating on the serious issue of prematurity and the reduction of the terrible rates of death and disability for preterm babies born in Africa. It is operational in Ghana and Nigeria.

The organisation was founded in 2003 following the tragic and very avoidable death of the preterm daughter of one of the two founders. The founders and patrons of LittleBigSouls are committed to working to level the playing field for the care of the premature baby and to ensure that every baby born in Africa gets a fighting chance at survival.

LittleBigSouls is the first organisation of its kind in Africa

  • Our purpose is an unwavering commitment to the health of premature and sick babies in reducing death and disability for preterm babies born in Africa.
  • Africa has the greatest percentage of mortality rates and thus bleak odds for pre-term babies born across our continent. Through our programs within our mission, we provide for and advocate strongly on the issues of pre-term birth in Africa.
  • LittleBigSouls programmes provide care and support for the baby and the mother, serving as the audible voice for our vulnerable and sick babies to give our precious Little Big Souls, born in less privileged parts of Africa, a fighting chanc

Mission Statement

In a world where our collective consciousness can turn the tides of human situations, in a world where one voice, audible enough, can set into motion a collective emotional, spiritual and physical change in circumstances and people, we believe we can offer our precious little big souls, born in less privileged parts of Africa, a fighting chance.”

Prematurity in Africa

15 million babies are born prematurely worldwide

Over 1 million premature babies die each year

Nigeria alone has 287,000 premature baby deaths annually

Ghana, with just over a tenth of Nigeria’s population, has 30,000premature baby deaths annually.

Unchecked the death rates will rise to over 1.3 million pre-term babies dying annually.

*We believe that the numbers recorded are much higher as a large number of births outside of health facilities are unrecorded and a large number of deaths unaccounted for due to inadequate data

**These figures are obtained from the latest White Paper by the March of Dimes, 2010 and from the African Academy of Sciences report in December 2009.

World Prematurity Network

Prematurity is a global issue and to make a significant impact on the global mortality rates, LittleBigSouls has partnered with other organisations around the world. Calling ourselves the World Prematurity Network, together we have taken a Stand, and Fight together against Pre-term Birth. We are proud to have as our Global Partners:

The leading organisation on preterm birth and care in the USA.

A network for those involved in the care of preterm or newborn infants with illnesses as well as a forum for scientists, their membership covers over 26 countries in Europe.

The foremost premature baby organisation in Australia.

Our Membership of the WHO Partnership For Maternal and Newborn Health