Advocacy Program

LittleBigSouls advocates on the serious issues affecting the pre-term baby born in Africa.

  • We advocate strongly on the need for global action and co-operation for the care of the premature babies born here in Africa.
  • We advocate on action to reduce the high rates of mortality in our part of the world for our most vulnerable little babies
  • We work with relevant institutions in the promotion of better research on interventions for the care of preemies
  • We work with policy makers on policy change on the various issues affect the premature baby.
  • We get involved at an international level, in vital forums such as WHO/PREBIC to stimulate discussion and most importantly ACTION.
  • We work at Government level to change policy.
  • We are intricately involved at the general populace level to raise awareness and knowledge of prematurity through print and visual media and through events
  • We work with Celebrity Ambassadors who give a human face to the mission.
  • We advocate strongly on the need for research on prevalence data and infection rates to enable appropriate action and intervention.

Awareness Program

The annual LittleBigSouls “Walk for Love” to save a life awareness walk is the biggest awareness event that LittleBigSouls organises.

The walk is a 7km walk through the principal streets of Accra which aims to create awareness of prematurity and its effects and honours the 1 million plus premature babies who die each year.

The Walk is scheduled every year in November as close to World Prematurity Day as possible. Together with their partners across the world, LittleBigSouls calls on everyone to join them to call for more research on prematurity, to persuade governments to make the care for preterms a priority and for the public to acknowledge the toll that the unnecessary deaths of premature babies have on our society. LittleBigSouls organises a similar walk in other countries.