Neonatal Intensive Care equipment is vital for the care of preterm babies. Fully working equipment such as incubators, phototherapy units and radiant warmers for preemies in neonatal intensive care units is critical. We are tragically losing babies who need to be put in incubators for them to be stabilised before any of the low cost interventions can be used.


  • Provides vital equipment to existing Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU’s) in hospitals within the region.
  • Supports the NICU’s within our beneficiary hospitals and the setup of NICU’s in hospitals and health facilities without them.
  • Donation of one-off life support and care equipment to hospitals and health facilities in rural areas.

We found that most hospitals in regional parts of the country do not have functioning NICUs. Those that have in main cities do not have all the up to date equipment, or in some cases have equipment are very old with vital components missing. Where there are functioning NICU equipment like incubators, babies are paired for lack of enough.